Work with the Diaspora

In general, Diasporas can support the developing countries in different ways. Considering the contribution in economic development, Diaspora can significantly influence:

  • local economic development as diaspora is mainly connected to ther place of origin,
  • foreign and domestic trade,
  • the level of foreign and domestic investment,
  • the stability of the domestic economy through remittances,
  • access to foreign markets through the provision of relevant market information and business matching,
  • access to and use of modern technologies, and new ways of business conduct

Even though Diaspora has proven to be willing to provide their contribution towards the development of BiH, the development potential for this group of 2 million people (app. 50% of the total countries’ population), remains largely untapped.
In BiH there is currently no favorable institutional framework in place that should secure for an efficient and effective cooperation with and networking of the BiH Diaspora.
The organization recognized that, by not engaging a group of 2 million Bosnians and Herzegovinians that live scattered throughout the world, the country is missing out on making significant progress in the socio-economic development of the country. NP and its partners are making efforts to develop creative mechanisms through which the Diaspora can easier contribute towards the countries’ development, and which will intensify the flow of resources towards the BiH with the goal to accelerate its development.
In its previous work, NP established close relationship with the leading Diaspora organizations abroad, relevant governmental institutions at all levels, as well as with other national and international organizations within the sector. When it comes to the work with the Diaspora, the NGO is striving to improve the following:

  • Investments: promotion of Diaspora investments in BiH
  • Business networking: promotion and business matching between domestic and foreign companies owned by Diaspora members (or where they work in)
  • Knowledge transfer: enabling sustainable online and offline diaspora knowledge transfer platforms
  • Advocacy/influencing: improvement of institutional framework for a better usage of Diaspora development potential
  • Education: increase of knowledge and skills among adults and youth what it comes to the work with the Diaspora
  • Research: conduct of academic and other researches within the domain of the work with the Diaspora
  • Youth: Cooperation with youth from BiH and abroad (focus on young professionals)
  • Innovation: development of creative mechanisms tailored to the needs of the BiH Diaspora that will enable easier flow of resources from the Diaspora into BiH
  • Networking: stimulating and implementing activities that will enable easier networking with the BiH Diaspora
  • Partnerships: developing different kinds of Diaspora partnerships in order to utilize the Diaspora development potential

Key prerequisite of successful Diaspora cooperation is the gradual establishment of mutual trust between BiH and its Diaspora, which is the philosophy behind all our activities. We strongly believe that in order to utilize Diaspora capital, know-how, contacts and love towards its country of origin, we need to ask ourselves what we can do for our Diaspora before Diaspora does something for us.

The world’s problems require solutions based on connecting, creating and collaborating and Diasporas can be powerful players in this space.