Work within the business development sector

The organization’s philosophy within this domain is based on the fact that future growth and prosperity must be based on attracting foreign investment, and improved business environment for SMEs. We believe that there is a need to boost competitiveness by targeting and eliminating some well-documented barriers to investment and seamlessly business conduct.
Next to this, we strive to level and clear the playing field for investment by removing hidden inconsistencies and complexities in the regulatory frameworks and tax systems that pose major problems for potential investors and businesses in the economy and which are compounded by high administrative barriers.

Within this domain, we strive to contribute in the following:

  • The adoption of new laws regarding business conduct and SMEs and foreign direct investment and the simplification and automation of business registration,
  • Speeding up the procedures for obtaining all necessary permits for businesses,
  • Facilitating exports and access to foreign markets for SMEs,
  • The creation of public-private partnerships and achievement of greater private sector participation in infrastructure development projects,
  • Drafting and publishing of a comprehensive list of para-fiscal levies and other barriers in order to reduce their number and ensure transparency.